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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed and insured ?

Yes. We hold licensing in the state of Florida and are fully insured.

Does the chemical cleaning process cause damage to my shingles ?

Definitely not ! The chemical based non-pressure cleaning process used by Citrus Roof Cleaning is the same method recommended by shingle manufacturers and the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association.

Can the exterior of my house be cleaned with the same process?

Yes. We can utilize a similar process to clean the entire exterior of your home, which outlasts the results of pressure washing.

Can my shingle roof be pressure washed?

Yes, you can, although pressure washing is harder on the roof as it causes premature granule loss which in turn shortens the overall life of your roof. It will clean the surface, but not down to the root spores, but only leaving a temporary appearance fix. The soaking action achieved by our non-pressure method will kill the mold to its source resulting in a thorough clean.










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